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Welcome to RavenstoneHotel.co.uk, your go-to-guide for everything you need to know about the UK’s Lake District. The Lake District boasts of breathtaking scenery, a beautiful green countryside, and unforgettable vistas.

Since 1951, the Lake District National Park, which features a gorgeous array of lakes, woodlands, and valleys, see thousands of holiday makers flock there every year to experience the great outdoors in this idyllic setting.

Many famous artists and authors have spent their days in the Lake District, inspired by its serene beauty and picturesque appeal. William Wordsworth’s poetry attracted more famous figures such as the divine Beatrix Potter and the author Alfred Wainwright.

What You’ll Find Here

  • Where to Stay in the Lake Distric – We have compiled a list of all the beautiful and historically significant countryside manor houses in the district, as well as what makes them so breathtaking and special. Admire the artful architecture and quaint antiques which are very prominent in this area.
  • What to Do in the Lake District – Whether it’s a leisurely picnic you’re after or an intense hike across the park (which stretches over 855 square miles), there is plenty of outdoor adventure on offer in this majestic area. If the outdoors aren’t quite your thing, perhaps the rich culture of the area will offer the escape you crave for.
  • Where in the Lake District to Dine – We take the guesswork out of deciding where to dine in Lake District. No matter what you might be craving, we will point you in the right direction,
  • Where to plan the most beautiful wedding in the Lake District – Many manor houses in the Lake District are dream wedding destinations, and we have handpicked the most stunning venues for you to visit. For breathtaking views and unforgettable Kodak moments, treat yourself and your guests to a White Wedding they will never forget.